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     Seniors Comfort Assisted Living / Memory Care  is based on the belief that our residents needs and satisfaction comes first. Our management and staff is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, Seniors Comfort Assisted Living is one of the highest recommended Residential Care Home in Hot Springs Arkansas. We now have two locations available in Hot Springs. 

     Seniors Comfort Assisted Living is a friendly, homelike environment Residential Care Home facility that provides care for elderly’s here in the heart of Hot Springs Arkansas since 2010. We are honored to say we have provided care fore seniors all over Arkansas and we are honored to also say we have had residents that came across different states to be in our care. We have been recommended by family’s that are now close friends of ours and remained a part of our family. We are also know as “Elijah’s place”. Elijah is the owner along with his wife Lidia.  What makes us more unique then any other facilities is that our commitment to caring and loving our residents comes from a caring and compassionate hearts. We have a passion for what we do and those that have been in our care would be able to stand firm in what we say and tell you their experience with us. We have many testimonies we will share and we would be glad to also give you their names and number where you can contact and hear all that has to be said about our facility and the care Elijah provided since 2010. 

Seniors Comfort Assisted Living / Memory Care is a 24 hr 7 days a week on staff, providing one on one care for our residents meeting their everyday needs. In our care you will never have to stress about you’re loved one. We are here to reassure  you that we will meet their needs every day and what we say it’s what we do. You will also never have to stress in moving you’re loved one, once again or hire additional help. 

We highly encourage you to come and visit with us let us show you in person what we have to offer and what we are all about. 

Please call Elijah at 480-414-3323 or e-mail us to schedule your tour and see more of, what Seniors Comfort Assisted Living has to offer you're Loved One.

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